Why Choose To Date The Pilot ?

Why choose to date a pilot?

Dating is more tricky than anyone would imagine. One needs to find a perfect partner, someone they can share a lot. And there are expectations in the relationships too. Therefore, if you have a dream of traveling around without spending a lot, then date a pilot. They are in the best position to give you a tour of the world. Think about the benefits you get when you date a man whose office is above the clouds? It goes beyond the thought of having someone who can make tones of metal float in the air. This is someone who travels to the most amazing places every day. If there is any blinking light in the cockpit, they will know what it means? So why choose the pilot? Here are a few more benefits you should expect.

Get great travel benefits

Did you know there are some travel benefits people who live in the air have? Well, try dating a pilot, and you will find out. Your pilot may put you on his travel benefits, putting you in a position everyone would kill to be at. The airline people call ‘revving.’ This means the airline might not get anything from you in terms of revenue if you are their passenger. For instance, consider traveling in first class to a great city like Paris and pay only $200, round trip! But this comes at an expense as well. Sometimes there may be more real and profitable passengers. In such an instance, you may have to wait many hours before you board. Apart from that, you may be on the look-out for the dress code. Those working for the airline will probably be representing the brand, and you have to be among them

Avoid getting annoyed by some behaviors

Everyone has their faults, and no matter how much you try, there are things about your significant other you may never like. Say, for instance, they have a habit of chewing with their mouth wide open. Pilots are always on the move. They will be at home for a few hours and hit the road to a hotel for the next hours of the day. Before you notice there is a problem with the dirty socks they left on the bed, he is away already and will come back in a few days. You can withstand them around and take a break for a while.

You afraid of flying, date a pilot

A much as flying is fun; not everyone enjoys being in the air. Some people may even faint at the thought of them being in the air. A condition called hyperventilation during takeoff and landing makes flying unbearable. The thought of having your boyfriend besides you can be comforting. Knowing that he is the one in the cockpit is quite relaxing. As such, they can help you overcome your fear of flying.

Avoid boring office stories

There is so much fun in the air. Imagine flying 30,000 feet over the Eastern seaboard? It never gets old. Dating pilots may be one of the best dating ideas you can ever have. It is not only for the benefits mentioned above, but because they are very responsible. If they can care for hundreds of passengers, how much more will he do for you?